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Alison James

Alison has survived at the mad house for quite a long time now! She is a seasoned veteran and brings her sheer wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, from fields including; eventing, breaking in, dressage and stud work. Alisons attention to detail is verging on OCD, which is both highly entertaining as well as very helpfulShe takes great pride in her work and it is always a pleasure to be around her. I am extremely lucky to have Alison at the yard and am always very grateful for all of her help.

Lydia Greenman

Lydia is the newest member of the team. She has left the thrum of the 'real world' in order to follow her dream of working with horses full time. She is competing herself at BE100 level with the aim of progressing up through the levels with her own horse. She has a real passion for everything horses and is a joy to have on the yard. Lydia is equally qualified in the OCD stakes along with Alison! She is already appearing to fit in very well at the mad house and we look forward to spending many more years with her!