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Cavallo Lusso

Cavallo Lusso is a small online equestrian boutique supplying top quality brands such as Montar, HKM, Cavallino Marino, Lauria Garrelli and Esperado. They aim to provide first class customer service along with competitive prices, of which they most definitely do both! Cavallo Lusso always make sure that I am looking super smart at all times, which is of upmost importance to myself. They are always pleasure to deal with as a business and I cannot recommend their products enough. It is vital that we support smaller businesses within the equine industry and this is definitely one to get behind!

Feather Dressage

Feather Dressage is your one stop dressage shop, supplying premium brands such as Eskadron, Pikeur, Eurostar and HV Polo and matching horse and rider fashion. I am incredibly lucky to have support from a brilliant company, Fur Feather Meds make sure that the horses and myself are always smart and in with the latest fashion, which lets face it, when you are shovelling a lot of poop, it is nice to do it whilst looking glam. There is always a wide range of products in their sale too, which is of course always a big bonus!! 

Hedgewitch are a fantastic company that create shampoos and horse washes; the natural way! They are the only shampoos on the market that adhere to human safety standards which I think is astounding. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are not putting hideous chemicals onto your beloved horses. All of the yard absolutely love being washed in the products and it leaves them all super clean and shiny. Hedgewitch products have helped a variety of horses with issues including sweet itch and similar symptoms.  


Fernique Equestrian is a unique equestrian clothing company, desinged to make you and your horse stand out from the crowd. Fernique Equestrian bring my two favourite things together; bright colours and a whole lot of bling! I absolutely love bling, but it has to be classy and this is why I love this brand. I struggle to go on their website without wanting to buy just about everything. They are such pleasure to deal with and you are sure to turn heads when you wear their products out in public. You can never have too many numnahs or sparkly items in your tack room!

Fernique Equestrian

The Revolutionary Limpet Saddle Pad was developed in 1992 by horsewoman, Aline Holmes, and was thoroughly tested in dressage, racing, show jumping, hunting, showing and endurance, proving that the pads significantly benefited both horse and rider. Aline is no longer with us and the business was taken over by Brigitte Manning in 2011. Brigitte was chosen to continue the Limpet brand because of her business ethics and empathy with Aline’s vision to help not just riders to succeed but to improve the comfort for the horse.

Limpet Saddle Pad

I am is extremely grateful for the support of the following companies, helping me achieve my dreams in both the Eventing and Dressage world. I am always on the look out for any extra support, so if you would be interested in supporting myself, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Ocean Blue Equine are the sister company of the long established Ocean Blue Graphics. They not only sell beautiful stock but can also do all your yards promo and printing on any clothing. They sell equestrian clothing for both Horse and Rider and many of the garments can be printed or embroidered with logos and sponsors etc.
They also do signage and anything to do with advertising which is perfect for my yard. Their customer service is second to none and they are most defintely the place to go for all your printing needs.

Ocean Blue Equine

Mel is a FANTASTIC back lady and keeps all of my horses on the straight and narrow. She has a wonderful way with the horses and is always so professional to deal with. Her eye for detail is a god send and without her I would not get the results that I do. I couldn't think of any one that I would put my trust into to deal with my horses and I really cannot thank Mel enough for all that she does for me. Feel free to contact Mel to have a chat about your horse and how she can help. Mention my name whilst you're at it!

Melanie Betts